Wedel's tenement at Szpitalna St. in Warsaw.

Chocolate lounges by E.Wedel

For more than 170 years we have been doing whatever possible to make customers associate E.Wedel with the best that one can find in chocolate. We relate back to the tradition which says that works made with the hands of masters are unique.

It all started in 1851 when a young confectioner from Berlin, Karol Ernest Wedel, came to Warsaw and opened a chocolate and carmel shop at Miodowa street. In 1894 Karol's son named Emil moved the shop and factory to a new tenement at Szpitalna Str. From then on it the building has hosted the oldest shop and cafeteria by E.Wedel, „Staroświecki Sklep" Chocolate Lounge.

More chocolaterias have been opened since 2004. Each of them offers the magic of chocolate and unique atmosphere. Try the exceptional drinking chocolates and other sweets, including a variety of desserts as well as hand-made pralines, all produced with passion and under the vigilant eye of Janusz Profus, the Chocolate Maestro.

E.Wedel, who took over his father's business in 1862
Karol Wedel


E.Wedel is the oldest Polish brand of chocolate, regarded as the symbol of chocolate and refined taste. Its name represents Emil Wedel's signature, used on each product to distinguish it from others.

Its taste is an exceptional combination of tradition and the modern, which makes it a long known symbol of chocolate and refined taste. Its name represents Emil Wedel's signature, used on each product to distinguish it from others. The secret of unique composition of tastes which E.Wedel products are known for, lies in the original and carefully guarded recipe. Chocolates and chocolate-covered marshmallows called Ptasie Mleczko® were created in 1930s and have been E.Wedel's most famous products.

Every history has its beginning

In 1851 Karol Wedel set up his first patisserie at Miodowa street in Warsaw. At that time it sold still relatively unknown delicacies, and instantly won citizens' hearts. As early as then the primary assortment included drinking chocolate. The company's boom was observed in the interwar period. In 1930 a new chocolate factory was opened in the district of Praga, Warsaw and such new products as Ptasie Mleczko® entered the assortment of E.Wedel shops.

First shops opened outside Warsaw were located in cities like Cracow, Lodz and Poznan and with time Wedel's products were distributed to brand-name shops in Europe, United States and Japan. In late 1930s E.Wedel was already a well established brand with a wide and attractive offer. World War 2 stopped the development of the company. Although production restarted after the war, the new communist commitee dismissed Jan Wedel from the factory at the end of 1945.

In 1949 the company was nationalised and its name changed into Państwowe Zakłady Produkcyjne im. 22 Lipca. Reprivatisation started later in 1989 and brough the name of E.Wedel back. Currently Wedel is owned by Lotte, a concern from Japan. If you'd like to learn more about E.Wedel, please visit